Cru & You



Wine lists are important.

From designing feature wine fresh sheets for one-off promotions to creating a nationally-recogized, award-winning wine program, Cru Consultancy has the experience, connections and budgeting knowledge to address your business’ unique focus. We have worked with small cafés up through full-service resorts, always tailoring the wine program to match cuisine, meet budgets, suit atmosphere and satisfy guests.

We understand that very few restaurants can accommodate a full-time sommelier on staff. Cru Consultancy provides you with respected and well-known wine professionals to work with you on curating the perfect list for your needs, on the timeline you want.


Sometimes you need an expert voice.

Especially when it has to do with the rapidly changing wide world of wine. Cru Consultancy has experience speaking to groups of all sizes, on all manners of wine related topics.

Interested in a BC wine tasting for your 100 mile dinner event?
Want a guided discussion about food and wine pairing prior to your company’s lunch meeting?

Talk to us, and we will talk to your group – in a manner tailored to the situation and their needs.


Team Building? What about Team Blending?

Cru Consultancy provides a wide range of customized sessions for the corporate world. Looking for team building (make that blending) exercises? Targeted marketing group sessions? Navigating a wine list at dinner meetings? The Coles Notes for wine?

Sharon’s extensive experience in corporate and government consulting is evident in these fun, engaging and useful business sessions. She draws upon 20 years as an in-demand management consultant in designing and facilitating useful and memorable events for your group. From hour-long breakout sessions to day long seminars, we can create unique educational experiences that tie into the world of wine – even if your company doesn’t.